About Hello Tanya



I'm Tanya Barlow, I'm a qualified Nail Technician, as well as a hair and make up artist.

At the end of 2012 I decided to add another string to the old bow and train as a nail technician after a long love-affair with nail art, and now have a home salon. I've since enjoyed acting as a session nail artist for Black magazine, designed nails for Look Books and creative collaborations, and had the fantastic opportunity to act as Manicurist on the latest Giorgio Armani: Acqua Di Gioia Perfume Campaign in 2013. I'm constantly inspired by nail artists overseas, and want to expose you guys to different techniques and even nail decals that you wouldn't normally find here! 

Feel free to have a look at my tumblr, Hello Tanya Nails and @hellotanya on Instagram for previous designs! If you're interested in my Hair & Make Up work, head to hellotanya.net

If you'd like to make a booking, that's great! Give me a text at 0211802715, or drop me an email at mail@hellotanya.net and let me know what time would suit you. 

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Thanks for stopping by! <3

xo Tanya